We need a VAN

When ACS Dublin started this ministry (2017) all we needed was a couple of boxes for some 100+ sandwiches. Brought every week to Hope in the Darkness, that would easily fit in any car. One time, an ACS volunteer brought the sandwiches in two bags, coming herself with a bus and then walking towards the GPO.


Fast forward to our 2018-2019 development, sometimes our cars (or sheds) were loaded with donations. While very thankful for the blessings we acknowledged the need to make space, to have means to keep the dynamics.


Having started our own street ministry (2019), we secured more materials needed for the regular service (tables, pots, utensils, supplies, barriers etc.). A storage place was rented in 2020.


As donations kept coming in (food, clothes, shoes, sleeping bags etc.), our weekly load of things in and things out got bigger. We sometimes need 3 cars or more to bring all we need from storage (or home) to our place of service, at the GPO.

(im)Possible missions

And then, what to do when you have a different activity and a personal car wouldn’t do the job? Be it a full pallet of goods coming in, and big items such as household appliances or furniture to be placed in a home? (Yes, this has never been posted on Facebook. Our volunteers helped someone in need.)

That is why we ask for your help.

A van is needed

We need to buy a van. A 161- van such as a Ford Transit Custom will suit best. Priced at around 9,000 euro. Of this size/volume:


As we have made an application (pending) with our friends at Emerald Foundation (United States) and with the Irish Mission of Seventh-day Adventist Church (Ireland), we are making the same appeal to you, our dear volunteers, supporters and donors.

We will keep you updated:

1 December 2020: raised the amount of 1,300€
2 December 2020: 1,300 + 960 = 2,260€
5 December 2020: 2,260 + 100 = 2,360€
9 December 2020: 2,360 + 650 = 3,010€

8 January 2021: 3,010 + 600 = 3,610€
9 January 2021: 3,610 + 2,400 = 6,010€
29 January 2021: 6,010 + 1,000 = 7,010€

28 February 2021: +6,000€ from Emerald Foundation
1 March 2021: VAN purchased.

THANK YOU ALL. God bless you.

And it will soon look something like this:

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