A note from “those on the margins”

27 February 2021, GPO. At 8:30pm. One of our volunteers, minding the queue at GPO, received the following note from one of our friends.

Dear members of the committee,

Just to say thank ye all very much for the Adventist soup run. I deem it quite the best in town.

It is plain to me that the food is all prepared with care; the addition of a little coleslaw to a chicken or turkey slice in a sandwich helps make it so much more appetising and the green leaves with egg — likewise. Ye are tops when it comes to soup cause it’s really hot and nice and thick. There is eating on it and drinking on it.

Then the attitude is so important, all the time treated with kindness and consideration.

Before pandemic I had […]

Soup runs are now all that one has for a little social interaction. […]

All the efforts of everyone [soup runs in town] should be applauded in these strange times. They are so supportive especially to the homeless and those on “the margins”.

Sincerely yours, Geraldine

See more of that night:

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