Posts and duties for a soup run

Every Saturday night at 8pm we are serving a soup run at GPO (Dublin City Centre). As one can imagine, all the preparations are being done some days ahead, while most of the food is being prepared on the day or the day before. Please watch this video posted on Facebook and see our display.

The following posts and duties are to be covered every week:

Table 1 (hot food)

1. Soup (17L) –
2. Pot of Sauce (10-12L) –
3. Pot of Sauce (10-12L) –
4. Pot of Rice (our own slow cooker) –
We need 4 people to cook and the same +2 people to serve.

Table 2 (hot drinks)

5. Thermoses for tea & coffee –
6. Milk (3L) –
We need 1-2 to prepare, 1 to buy the milk, and the same (2-3 people) to serve.

Table 3 (sandwiches and more)

7. 70 Sandwiches –
8. Fruits (20€) –
9. Fruits (20€)
10. Biscuits, chocolate bars, cakes (20€) –
11. Biscuits, chocolate bars, cakes (20€) –
12. Water (3×24 bottles) –
We need 6 people to buy and of them 3 people to serve.

Stored goods behind the table

13. Toiletries for men –
14. Toiletries for women –
These will be distributed as needed, by people covering 18 and 19.


15. Managing the queue – (2 persons)
16. Cleaning – (2-3 persons)
17. Watching the cars – (2 persons)

Mingling with people

18. Mingling with people – (2-3 persons)
19. Offering backpacks for Kids (Jerry’s fund), books, sleeping bags, clothes –

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