New ACS Dublin Team

At ACS Dublin, we renew our leading team every year. It is about time to prepare for the new times ahead 2021-2022 (fall to fall) and we are happy to announce that our new team is even more representative of our volunteers and supporting Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) churches in Dublin.

Accordingly, we have: Jacinta (Kenya) and Alyn (Philippines) from Dublin West SDA Church, then Miki (Croatia) and Marrisia (Jamaica) from Dublin Ranelagh SDA CHURCH, Stela (Moldova) and Anca (Romanian) from Dublin Romanian SDA CHURCH. Along with Johnny (Irish Mission/ACS Dublin) and Christian (Irish Mission pastor) the team is making plans to serve better.

The new team members are called as servant leaders, after having influenced others in their own circles, and having been deeply involved in ACS efforts as servant. We simply learn and apply Jesus’ method:

“The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.” (Matthew 20:28)

Thank you

We take this opportunity to thank the teams which served leading ACS Dublin on the previous years. See all steps taken over the year in About Us page.

We would not have reached this point without you!


Sade, Jacinta, Johnny, Christian, Angela, Ropo and Carmen (missing from this picture)


Johnny, Anca, Christian, Claudia, Angela, Vasile, Stela (missing from this picture)

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