We are offering a soup run every Saturday night. Any given month is being covered as follows:

1st Saturday – Dublin Romanian SDA Church
Person in charge: Johnny

2nd Saturday – Dublin Ranelagh SDA Church
Person in charge: Miki

3rd Saturday – Youth from all Dublin SDA churches
Person in charge: Monica

4th Saturday – Dublin West SDA Church
Person in charge: Angela

5th Saturday (once a quarter) – a call to all
Person in charge: Christy

If you want to volunteer, please get in touch.

Posts and duties for a soup run

Every Saturday night at 8pm we are serving a soup run at GPO (Dublin City Centre). As one can imagine, all the preparations are being done some days ahead, while most of the food is being prepared on the day or the day before. Please watch this video posted on Facebook and see our display.

The following posts and duties are to be covered every week:

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Handwriting a letter | 50 Days of Grace

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter? Or an encouraging personal message? Words have great potential. They can create a serious impact on the lives of people. For some, personal words of encouragement were the difference between life and death. That is why we are inviting you to take part in this new project: “50 Days of Grace

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A note from “those on the margins”

27 February 2021, GPO. At 8:30pm. One of our volunteers, minding the queue at GPO, received the following note from one of our friends.

Dear members of the committee,

Just to say thank ye all very much for the Adventist soup run. I deem it quite the best in town.

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We need a VAN

When ACS Dublin started this ministry (2017) all we needed was a couple of boxes for some 100+ sandwiches. Brought every week to Hope in the Darkness, that would easily fit in any car. One time, an ACS volunteer brought the sandwiches in two bags, coming herself with a bus and then walking towards the GPO.

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