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Good deeds

We bring to your attention a new ACS project. This is not an ACS Dublin one, but an ACS Ireland project that can be replicated all over within the country, no matter the specifics of your community.


Its name is simple: “Good deeds”.


The quickest Bible text coming to mind is found in the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus said (Matthew 5:16)


So, what is Good deeds in its ACS version?

While our focus is toward those in need (soup run, for example), we may sometimes get caught in doing one and the same thing over and over again. While that is good, as it gives us the benefits of experience, development, improvement, calling for new volunteers, perspectives, helping several hundred every single month…

We think there is room for more.

More spiritual gifts and skills to be put at work. More places where one feels called to help. And for that, the Good deeds program comes as an opportunity to help according to what you have, and not according to a specific program outlined before.

Wait, isn’t it a program also? Yes it is, but it is tailored around you. Around the world you see. Simply put:

Three steps

1. One of us sees a need. Not a chronicle need, but something that can be solved with the right intervention, one stop and fix it. Examples: a family is in need of diapers, a single man needs some clothes, a certain situation calls for immediate help (a ride to somewhere, a pipe burst in the house, a place to be cleaned, a document to be made, a call to intervene somewhere etc.). That one of us who sees the need becomes an agent of light (remember the text? the light shines…). He can bring light to that difficult situation. She can see a solution to the one in darkness.

2. Next step is to call for the help of two other volunteers. It is good deeds, in plural. No one does it alone, no good deed is yours alone. Get two (or) more volunteers, assess the situation, come up with a solution.

3. Solve it. That’s it. (Yes, ACS community can help). No publicity, no program, no roster…


It was a good deed that you helped, that you called others to help, that you brought light to someone’s life. They will thank you, probably. And Jesus promised that all will return to the glory of the Father who first helped and loved us all.

What we will need from you is just a short report, maybe a picture. Not to advertise, just to inform our volunteers of the progress and inspire others.


We plan to have this as an ACS program so that whether you are in Dublin, or Cork, or anywhere else, you can do it without the logistics arsenal of an organisation. You just need two more guys along, a supportive group behind that will help you help others. And an eye to see where light can bring back hope.

Can this be then our 2022 New Year Resolution? Can it be our 2022 ACS program in Ireland?

Why not start it this Christmas?

Three cases solved, one pending

Here are some examples of good deeds. No names, no publicity. Just what it is, good deeds.

A family was affected by Covid. Another family of ACS volunteers jumped in and did the groceries for them, delivering at the door.

A man called for help – former homeless. One became aware, made a call to a network, somebody donated a fridge.

Calls for toiletries and personal hygiene items for the ones in need. A person prepared 10 packs and they were delivered.

An ACS volunteer crossed paths with a person paralysed for 11 years now. She was asking for a help with a working wheelchair or even a motor wheelchair (donation or sale). If you can help, make it a good deeds. Thank you.

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