So, let’s make a point here. We believe in a win-win-win situation. How come 3x?

You win when you donate with a willing heart to a project you appreciate. We win when we get the means to keep serving those in need. And they win when a helping hand comes right at their time of distress.

Bank wire transfer

AIB account holder: Dublin West Adventist Community Church.
IBAN: IE24 AIBK 9325 1567 4190 53

Please mention ACS on the transfer, to easily identify your donation.

PayPal transfer

Here is your easiest option to help. Use PayPal 100% secure payment and support the ACS Dublin projects.

Simply drop by…

While we never ask for money, people passing by may freely donate. Your money will be only used to buy food, served on the ACS Dublin tables.

Meet us while serving at GPO Dublin, every Saturday night at 8pm.

Thank you.