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1. Lobby

  • Vision: Enlarge the entrance by turning it into a lobby.
  • Action: Knock down the current reception partition walls.

2. Toilets

  • Vision: Add an extra toilet, for disabilities.
  • Action: 
    • Us the space below the staircase, enlarging it with the space that goes to the back door of the main hall (that door may disappear). Subject to architect expertise. See here the guidelines for disability toilets.

3. Door to the main hall

  • Vision: Enlarge the door from the lobby to make it a double door
  • Action: Cut an opening in the wall, to the specifications of a double door

4. Overflow area (at the roller door)

  • Vision: Turn it into a multipurpose space and fire exit
  • Actions:
    • Replace the roller with proper windows/doors for public, matching the other ones.
    • Cover (protect) all the electric and alarm panels placed on the left side of the roller.
    • Add a ceiling.
    • Decide on the separator to the main hall (room dividers as in hotels or else)

5. Main hall

  • Vision: Make it fit for a conference room / worship hall
  • Actions:
    • Check the stains on the wall (upper right corner). Repair what is needed.
    • Clean the translucent panels on the roof. Clean the gutters.
    • Add a ceiling to the level of the concrete beams.
    • Skim/plaster the walls (think of all lights, cables)
    • Dispose of all the old cables, pipes, AC unit mounted

6. Balcony

  • Vision: To add an extra space of seats and a technical desk
  • Action: 
    • Build a balcony steel (and wood) structure.
    • Make access to it (see below).

7. Staircase

  • Vision: Make access to the balcony.
  • Action: Provide a door, cut an opening in the wall, at the level of the first landing.


8. Kids’ room (first as you walk in)

  • Vision: Make it a stand alone room.
  • Action: Take out the second door (that gets now into the other small room) and complete the wall.

9. Kitchen (now connected to the Kid’s room)

  • Vision: Build a kitchen
  • Actions:
    • (Previous, see above) Wall completed towards the Kid’s room.
    • Cut a door in from the hallway.
    • Tear down the wall towards the bigger upper room and move it to expand.
    • Bring pipes and other connections needed.
    • (All subject to HSE recommendations for the standards of a kitchen).

10. Main upper room

  • Vision: Make it a multipurpose room
  • Actions:
    • (Previous) The wall from the kitchen will reduce a space.
    • (Complement) The wall from the storage room will be cut, to expand the room.
    • A glass window put in place, so people can see what happens in the main hall.

11-13. Storage room, small room, former hallway to balcony

  • Vision: Turn into two toilets and storage
  • Actions:
    • Hallway becomes a toilet. 
    • First small room, half of it becomes a second toilet. 
    • The other half to be united with what is left of the storage room to make one room.

For all of the above, both ground floor and first floor we need to think of flooring (tiles, wood, carpet), walls coverings, ceilings, lights, doors and others.

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